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BBQ Contest:


Sunday’s Contest is a KCBS State Championship Event!

Sunday’s Contest is also an Indiana BBQ Trail Event!

May 3-5, 2019

(Friday, Saturday, & Sunday)

Sponsored by the Liberty Lions Club

– Proceeds go to support Community Service Projects of the Liberty Lions Club.

Setup Times:            Thursday from 9:00 am – 8:00 pm, or Friday from 9:00 am - Noon, &

                                 Saturday morning from 7:00 am – 9:00 am

                                 (Please call, if a different set up time is needed.  We will try to accommodate all requests.)

Festival Times:        Friday - Noon - 9:00 pm, Saturday – 9:00 am – 9:00 pm, & Sunday – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Tear Down Time:    Sunday after 5:00 pm

Judging Times:        Sunday – Scheduled as follows:  (See the 2018 rules from KCBS for details.)

                                           CHICKEN . . . . . . . .   12:00 pm                  SAUCE  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2:00 pm

                                           PORK RIBS . . . . . . .  12:30 pm                  ANYTHING BUTT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2:30 pm

                                           PORK  . . . . . . . . . . . .  1:00 pm                   OBR Mystery Meat Challenge . . . . . .  3:00 pm

                                           BEEF BRISKET . . . .  1:30 pm                 

Awards Scheduled for 4:00 pm

Cost for

Contest Entries:       Only $250, until March 15.  All Late Registrations, (any received After March 15), will be charged $275.  (Also, a limited number of 20’ x 60’ spaces will also be made available for an extra $25.)  Units requiring larger spaces should plan to arrive early.  Each cooker will be allowed as many assistants as they wish. 

                                        As little as $50 down will reserve your spot for this year!

                           Reserve Early to Lock in your Early Bird Discount.  The balance to be paid by  3/15.

OBR Mystery

Meat:                       We are happy to report that we will again be doing the OBR (Operation BBQ Relief) Mystery Meat Challenge again this year.  To participate, bring your donation to OBR ($20 minimum - but, more is better!).  You will be competing for a trophy and bragging rights!  The mystery meat will be provided by the contest organizer!

Questions:                Please call Carl Sharp at 765-458-5574 (office) or 765-580-0215 (cell), or Lowell Rathburn at 765-580-1609 (cell) with any questions.  Or, you may e-mail Carl at:

Location:                 Across from Quakertown Recreation area on the west side of Brookville Lake:

                                                                 Treaty Line Museum

                                                                 3801 W Old Dunlapsville Rd.

                                                                 Liberty, IN  47353

Restrictions:            Please, no:  Alcohol, or Bicycles allowed on the premises. No Golfcarts (except for event organizers - personal mobility carts are allowed for any who need them - call if you have any questions).  Please, no in and out traffic during the event’s open hours.  Organizers will try to assist you with any special needs.  Also, all pre-payments are non-refundable, as space for these events are limited, and will be capped at 50 contestants.  All Reservations should be received no later than:  4/25/2019.


BBQ Festival by the Lake

May 3-5, 2019

(Friday, Saturday, & Sunday)

Sponsored by the Liberty Lions Club

BBQ Contest Contract

Team Name:  ____________________________________________________________

Head Cook’s Name:  ______________________________________________________

Telephone Number:  ______________________________

Cell Phone Number:  _____________________________

Address:  ________________________________________________________________

City:  ___________________________________________________________________

State:  ____

Zip:  __________

KCBS #: _____________ (If you have one.)

E-Mail:  ________________________________________________________________

I wish to compete in the KCBS BBQ Contest on Sunday:  Yes/No  $_________________

I plan to compete in the Mystery Meat Challenge:              Yes/No  $_________________

I plan to sell my product to the public (Yes/No) ______   - This will result in an extra $100 fee.  (Please call first to verify that an opening to vend BBQ is available.)  Note:  Only a limited number of BBQ Competitors will be allowed to sell their products to the public.  (Call with any questions.)  Also, a certificate of Liability Insurance should be submitted to the Liberty Lions Club prior to the event. 

Note:  If you wish to vend; but not compete, you may be able to vend without competing by paying a $300 fee, if approved by the organizer. 

If you are competing, in this year’s BBQ contest, you may vend for the lower price of $100 (in addition to your entry fee), and you will receive preference over non-competing vendors.

I wish to increase my space from 20’ X 30’ to 20’ X 60’ for an additional $25 fee (Yes/No) ______

Note:  Selling food products to the public will require compliance with all state and local health codes and will require the purchase of a temporary food service permit.  Please note that the state of Indiana does not recognize a food handlers certification that was obtained from an online test.  For more details, please contact Ron Parker at the Union County Health Department at:  765-458-6043, or e-mail him at:

Head Cooks Signature: _______________________________________ I attest that I have read and accept the restrictions and rules for this event and that I would like to participate.  I understand that all pre-payments are non-refundable, as space for these events are limited.  I also agree to allow the use of any and all photos and videos taken at this event by the promoter for use in promoting future events.  Furthermore, I agree to abide by all contest rules and applicable health codes and laws.

Total amount enclosed: $___________

                                    Please make your check payable to:                           Liberty Lions Club

                                    And mail to:                                                                27 W Union St.

                                                                                                                        Liberty, IN  47353

Smokin’ On The Water 2019

BBQ Contest Prize Money & Trophies

Total Prize Money To Be Paid Out ($5,000) By Category for KCBS BBQ Contest

                            Grand Champion               $1,250

                            Res. Grand Champ.              $750

                             1st Chicken                   $250

                             1st Pork Ribs                 $250

                             1st Pork                      $250

                             1st Beef Brisket              $250

                             2nd Chicken                   $200

                             2nd Pork Ribs                 $200

                             2nd Pork                      $200

                             2nd Beef Brisket              $200

                             3rd Chicken                   $150

                             3rd Pork Ribs                 $150

                             3rd Pork                      $150

                             3rd Beef Brisket              $150

                             4th Chicken                   $100

                             4th Pork Ribs                 $100

                             4th Pork                      $100

                             4th Beef Brisket              $100

                             5th Chicken                    $50

                             5th Pork Ribs                  $50

                             5th Pork                       $50

                             5th Beef Brisket               $50


                             Total To Be Paid Out:       $5,000

Trophies will be provided, in addition to these cash prizes, for:

Grand Champion KCBS Cooker

Reserve Grand Champion KCBS Cooker

1st - 5th in Each KCBS Category (Chicken, Ribs, Pork, Beef)

BBQ Sauce Champion

“Anything Butt” Champion

Showmanship Champion

OBR Mystery Meat Challenge Champion

Ribbons will also be provided for 6th - 10th in Each KCBS Category

(Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork, & Beef Brisket)