Fund Raising Projects


Currently, the Liberty Lions Club engages in several fund raising events each year.  These include (but, are certainly not limited to) the following:

Other fund raising activities that we typically engage in each year include:

Catering our community’s annual Alumni Banquet - proceeds of which are typically used to provide support for scholarships. 

Catering food to several community auctions each year.

Conducting special fundraising events to insure that every child in our county receives something each year for Christmas.  These activities began to support other groups in the community that focused on holiday giving; later, we took over the county “Toys for Tots” program. 

Starting in 2009, we developed our own program, now known as “Christmas for Children” that has allowed us to efficiently provide Christmas for many of the children in our county.  (We generally provide Christmas gifts for 50, or more children, each year through this program.)