Indiana BBQ Trail

(It’s Smokin’ Hot!)



The Indiana BBQ Trail is a series of KCBS sanctioned events, that are held in Indiana, where the KCBS points earned by each participating (Indiana BBQ Trail) BBQ Competition Team will be accumulated toward an annual Indiana BBQ Cup championship award. 

The rules are very simple.  BBQ Teams may participate in any, or all, of the Indiana BBQ Trail events listed below, and the KCBS points earned from their best events (from 50% of the events) will be totaled toward the championship points chase.  The team with the most points at the end of the chase, each year, will be declared the Indiana BBQ Trail Champion.  The Indiana BBQ Trail Champion Team will receive the Indiana BBQ Trail Award and a cash prize.  The 2016 award presentation will take place in Madison, during the annual Winterfest celebration in February of 2017.

During the 2016 points chase of the Indiana BBQ Trail, the promoters of the following Indiana events have agreed to put up $250, each, for this program plus they will also award a free entry for their 2017 contests to the 2016 Indiana BBQ Trail Grand Champion, or to put up an extra $250 to the Grand Champion.   (At this time we are also soliciting for Sponsors, which should increase the prize money for the Indiana BBQ Trail.  More details will follow at a later time.)

2016 Indiana BBQ Trail Events:

    1st Stop  - 04/22-23/2016 - Indianapolis - CCS Spring Festival & BBQ Competition

    2nd Stop  - 04/29-30/2016 - Liberty - Smokin’ On The Water 2

    3rd Stop - 04/30-05/01/2016 - Liberty - Smokin’ On The Water

    4th Stop  - 05/13-14/2016 - Warsaw - Rockin’ BBQ for Riley

    5th Stop  - 05/20-21/2016 - Boonville - Smokin’ for Garrett

    6th Stop  - 06/24-25/2016 - Franklin - Smoke on the Square:  In Memory of David Harness

    7th Stop  - 07/15-16/2016 - New Palestine - Wine, Brew & Bar-B-Que Too!

    8th Stop  - 07/16-17/2016 - New Palestine - Wine, Brew & Bar-B-Que Too! 2

    9th Stop  - 08/19-20/2016 - Madison - Ribberfest:  Barbeque, Blues, & Balloons

    10th Stop  - 09/02-03/2016 - Vernon - Homecoming 2016

    11th Stop  - 09/09-10/2016 - Bloomington - Ballons, Blues, & BBQ

    12th Stop  - 09/23-24/2016 - Plymouth - Blazin’ BBQ & Bluegrass

In 2016, all BBQ teams participating in any of these events will be automatically entered, and eligible for this honor, and the associated prize money. 

Teams are free to participate in as many events as they choose, and their top scores from 50% of these events (11 events / 2 = 5 Events - when rounded down) will be used to determine their final standings in the points chase.  The lowest score of each team will be automatically dropped and replaced by a higher one as teams continue to participate in additional Indiana BBQ Trail events.  We repeat, only your top scores will count, therefore, it is to each team’s advantage to participate in as many Indiana BBQ Trail events as they can.

Past BBQ Champions:

2016:  (Who will it be?  Your team name could appear here.)

(Note:  2015 and prior winners were Hoosier BBQ Cup Champions)

2015:  (TBA)

2014:  One2 BBQ

2013:  Hoosier Favorite BBQ

2012:  Velvet Smoke

2011:  Able Acres

2010:  Steel Smokin’