How to Join a Lions Club


Since its humble early beginnings, the International Association of Lions Clubs has grown to include approximately 1.4 million community service minded men and women in more than 46,000 clubs located in more than 200 countries and geographical areas.

What began as the good intentions of a small group of civic minded men and women more than 90 years ago has evolved into a global force for good - a world class organization of men and women who recognize needs that go beyond their own, who work on behalf of others whom they may never see, speak with, or meet.

Membership in Lions Clubs International is by invitation only, from the members of a local Lions club.  To learn more, or to be considered for membership, a candidate should contact a member of a local Lions club.  If there is not a Lions Club nearby, a candidate should contact a Lion from another area to help them start a Lions Club in their own community.  If anyone is unsure of who to contact, they can always call the Membership Department at Lions Clubs International at 630-571-5466, ext. 356 and someone there will be able to refer them to a local Lion for further assistance.

In Indiana, the Lions of Indiana have a State Office located at 8780 Purdue Road, Indianapolis, IN. 46268. To contact the State Office, call  317-824-1024. or e-mail us at: 

The Web Page for the Lions Clubs of Indiana is:   

For information about joining the Liberty Indiana Lions Club, please contact:

Carl Sharp

27 W Union St.

Liberty, IN  47353


Current Members of the Liberty Lions Club