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Barbeque Festival by the Lake

Featuring:  Craft Show, Health Products & Services, Home Products & Services, Etc.

April 29 - May 1, 2022

(Friday, Saturday, & Sunday)

Sponsored by the Liberty Lions Club

– All Proceeds of this event go to Community Service Projects of the Liberty Lions Club.

Setup Times:         Thursday from Noon – 8:00 pm, Friday from 7:00 am to Noon, or

                               Saturday from 7:00 am – 9:00 am

                              (Please call, if a different set up time will be needed.)

Event Times:         Friday - Noon - 9:00 pm

                              Saturday – 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

                              Sunday – 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Cost:                      Only $60 for each space (approx. 15’ x 20’) for the entire weekend; plus,

                               another $25, if electric is needed for non food vendors.

                               Note:  For Profit Food Vendors will be charged an addition $50 and must

                               also obtain a temporary Food Permit from the Union County Health Dept.

                               (A Certificate of Insurance will also be required prior to the event.)

                               Selling food products to the public will require compliance with all state

                               and local health codes and will require the purchase of a temporary food

                               service permit.  For more details, please contact Ron Parker at the

                               Union County Health Department at:  765-458-6043, or e-mail him at: 


Location:               Across from Quakertown Recreation Area on the west side of Brookville Lake:

                                                Treaty Line Museum

                                                3801 W Old Dunlapsville Rd

                                                Liberty, IN  47353

Restrictions:         Please, no:  Alcohol, Bicycles, or Golfcarts (except for event organizers personal

                             mobility carts are allowed for any who need them).  All vendors must agree to remain open

                             until the event is over each day.  No vendor vehicles will be allowed in, or out, during

                             hours of operation. Applications must be received no later than: 

                                                                                     April 25.

Questions:             Please call Carl Sharp at 765-458-5574 (office) or 765-580-0215 (cell), or Lowell Rathburn at 765-580-1609 (cell) with any questions.  Or, you may e-mail Carl at: 



Vendor Name: _________________________________________________________________

Products/Service: _______________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

E-Mail: ____________________________________ Telephone: _________________________

I attest that I have read and accept the above restrictions for this event and I would like to reserve _______ spaces.  I also understand that my pre-payment is non-refundable as space for this event is limited.  Signature of Head of Booth:  _________________________________________________

(If electric, or water, is needed please contact Carl Sharp, or Lowell Rathburn, to discuss availability

and cost - 220 V electric will cost an additional $25.  Electric for non-food vendors will cost an additional $25.  Food vendors will automatically have access to 110 V at no extra charge.) 

Amount enclosed: $_________

                                    Please make your check payable to:                           Liberty Lions Club

                                    And mail to:                                                                27 W Union St.

2022                                                                                                                   Liberty, IN  47353











All vendors are expected to be open during the posted hours of the festival

Arts, Crafts, and Antiques of all kinds are permitted and desired.

Home Show products and services are also permitted and desired.

Lawn Equipment, Golf Carts, Personal Mobility Devices, Home Healthcare Products, ATVs, RVs, Vehicles, Boats, Outdoor Cooking Equipment, and Sporting Goods are also permitted and desired.

Resort Products and Services are also permitted and desired.

Only our BBQ Vendors may sell main course food items

Foods:  Selling of side dishes, snacks, and desserts are permitted, such as:

(All food vendors must be approved on an individual basis to avoid over saturation by any one type of food item - please, call first!)

BBQ Vendors - All BBQ Vendors work from a different set of rules,

please call for a complete list of options and to inquire about availability.

Vehicles may not be moved in, or out, during event hours.

No operating of Golf Carts or Bicycles permitted, except by the event

organizers and security personnel.  (Personal mobility carts are allowed for any who need them - Contact Carl or Lowell for prior approval, please.)
















French Fries

Cotton Candy

Popcorn & Caramel Corn

Candy Apples

Snow Cones

Ice Cream

Specialty Coffees & Teas

Elephant Ears, Funnel Cakes, & Waffles

Pies, Cakes, and Cookies

Baked Potatoes (unstuffed - no meats without prior approval)

Candies & Fruits

Pickles, Fried Tomatoes, Fried Twinkies, etc.

Pretzels (hard or soft) & Chips

Packaged products such as:  Honey, Apple Cider, etc.

Etc.  (Call if your food item is not listed, or you are unsure.)

-  Except for the event organizer*.  (No selling of sandwiches, soups, etc.)

This is a rain or shine event.  Bring your own tent/trailer unless other arrangements are made in advance.  If you need electric or water, please call with your specific needs. All Food Vendors will be automatically provided with up to a 20 amp 110 volt service.  Similar service for non-food vendors will be available (on a limited basis) for an additional $25.  Likewise, 220 volt service will be available for food vendors for an additional $25 (on a limited basis).

Please call Carl at 765-458-5574 (Office) or 765-580-0215 (Cell) , or Lowell Rathburn at 765-580-1609 (cell) with any questions.

Vendor Rules & Limitations

Note:  Now that we are achieving adequate crowds, a very limited number of food vendors are being approved to sell non-BBQ main course items.  The organizers will notify selected vendors, who will be allowed to serve some non-BBQ main courses.  However; this is still a very limited opportunity as we do not wish to lose the participation of our BBQ Vendors.